The Swiss Army knife for DB Administrators

The swiss army knife for DB schema comparison and synchronization which runs on multiple OS and supports multiple databases. TiCodeX SQL Schema Compare runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and connects to Microsoft SQL (MS-SQL), mySQL and PostgreSQL. In addition, Azure SQL and MS-SQL on Amazon RDS is supported.

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What’s new in Version 2019.4?

Following new features have been added.


PostgreSQL support added

In Version 2019.4 we have introduced support for PostgreSQL 10 and higher.


Linux support added

SQL Schema Compare runs now on Linux. We ship the software as deb/rpm/tar packages.


Azure SQL Database Support

Support for Azure SQL Database added


Extended filtering options

Added the possibility to filter database objects with powerful filtering rules.


MariaDB support added

SQL Schema Compare now supports also MariaDB 5.5 and higher.


Compare. Synchronize. Deploy.

Supported OS & Languages
Runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS
Localized in English, German and Italian
Supported Databases
Support for MS-SQL Server 2008 and higher
Support for Azure SQL Database
Support for PostgreSQL 9 and higher
Support for MySQL 5.6 and higher
Support for MariaDB 5.5 and higher
Compare changes between two SQL Database schemas (as example from development to test to production)
Automatically create full db create scripts
Automatically generate the db migration script
Securely save database and server login details
Support for connections to MS-SQL Server running on Linux
View database differences and explore schema changes to see what's going on

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Client feedbacks

Customers Say About Us

Co Founder Neolution
SQL Schema Compare helped our company to quickly synchronize our changes made in the development environment with the production database. This ensured that nothing was forgotten with new releases and assured no downtime to the customer.
DB Admin
I use SQL Schema Compare in my daily work to synchronize changes for our SaaS project. As we use PostreSQL and MacOS I'm super happy to use this product.